Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Crib Sheet Tutorial

While cruising the limitless internet last night, in search of some new craft blogs to follow, I came across this super-easy, very concise tutorial for crib sheets.

For a few months now I have had a sneaking suspicion that I could be making these myself, but I was just too tired to sit down and do the brain work required (i.e. taking one of my old sheets apart to get the measurements and corner construction down). You can rest easy, brain! The wonderful gals at Made did it for you!

Now I plan on going through my stash to see if I have anything that screams "sheets" at me. I have quite a bit of vintage fabric that has softened and stretched with time, and I think it would work well. It definitely isn't suited for dressmaking, that's for sure.

I sewed some easy envelope back pillows (well, pillow covers, really) last night to ease back into the sewing groove. Apart from some fighting with my machine over bobbin thread tension, all went well. Pictures to follow soon!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Wow. So, it's been almost three (!) years since my last blog post. A lot has happened since then. I've added another boy to the brood, bringing the kid total to five. I've mostly lost my mind...yeah, that about covers it.

I've been busy raising kids and doing gardening type stuff. So busy, in fact, that I haven't had time to blog about any of it.

And I'll even admit to something that makes me a wee bit ashamed. All of the other craft blogs that I followed then were so hep and shiny and the photography was *perfect* that I felt a little weird about putting my obviously amateur work out there: crafting and otherwise.

I know, it's kind of dumb.

But here I am, for some reason, starting up again. No pretenses of perfection this time. No artfully arranged photos done against a dropcloth in the crisp summer sun. Just life.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Still Alive

Hi, all! I am still alive, but I have been so tired. I haven't done anything crafty lately, nor have I thrifted (!), so I don't have much to post about, unfortunately. I am concentrating on getting myself healthy and happy, though, and that takes time. Hopefully you'll be hearing from me soon!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Catching Up

Has it really been a week since I have posted? Yikes! Motherhood has really kept me busier than usual during that time, not to mention we've been hurrying around trying to get wood split before the snow flies. Fall is definitely here, though. My porch is a sea of leaves! If I were the proactive type (or, well, any type but the lazy type), I'd sweep it off. But it makes such a nice crunching, swishing noise when I walk through it. Maybe in a few days.

The shirt is still not finished. I am just going to take my time in this one and not rush. I need to put the sleeves on. They are gathered and ready to go, at least. I've also been going through and washing all of the vintage fabric I got a couple of weeks ago from the nice lady I mentioned in an older post. I haven't gotten around to photographing it, but I promise I will soon!

The sugar war is going well. The past two days in particular I have been feeling very good. It's amazing how much sugar alters my mood. It truly does make me a horrible grouch. At first it has a soothing effect, but then I become like some crack addict in withdrawl if I don't get more. Interestingly, I remember reading that Gloria Swanson (of Sunset Boulevard fame, for those of you going, "Who??") also cut sugar from her diet after finally making the connection between it and her depression/mood swings. Not that sugar is the root of all evil (or of all depression, for that matter), but there's certainly something to that, in my case. Oh sugar, why must you taste so good yet be so bad?

Also, I have been tagged by Fiona! That calls for a post all its own, I think. Thanks, Fii, for thinking of me. The first thought I had was, "Gosh, do I even have seven friends?" Pathetic, right? Ha!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dining Room Garment District

I haven't had much time for anything for the past few days, as Karsten decided to tenaciously hang on to whatever illness he's got. Poor kid. He's on the pink stuff (amoxil), so he should be better soon.

The blouse is coming along. It's got a collar and facing and is sewn up at all the major seams. I just need to do sleeves and all the major components will be there (aside from buttonholes and buttons).

Do you know what my least favorite part of sewing is? And it's the thing that prevents about five of my projects from being truly complete as I type...hemming. There's a dress hanging in my wardrobe right now that is ready to wear except from the hem. Already I am dreading finishing the edge of the shirt! I really am the world's most impatient sewer. I want things to be done in an hour. And done perfectly, too. Ha! Anyone who sews knows that this is pretty much an impossibility when doing dresses. I'm reading this right now in order to help me relax and enjoy the process of sewing. I suppose I could continue to want to rush it all, or I could just take my time and focus on the detail of the work. The latter pairs well with my perfectionist tendencies, at least.

The funny thing about that last observation is that no one would ever guess that I even have that characteristic if they looked at my work, because it is such an ever loving MESS. Threads hanging out all over, seam allowances going every which way... needless to say, I need to take everything this book talks about to heart and apply it to my sewing philosophy STAT!

By the way, the book is truly fascinating. The author does an excellent job of talking about how couture houses function, emphasising the fine hand work that sets couture apart from pret a porter. The process of garment construction is interesting to me, and so this book is great for that, as well. The author discusses the entire process, starting from the moment a client walks through the door until the very last fitting.

My favorite parts are the pictures of 40s and 50s couture suits and gowns, not only from the outside, but from the inside, too, in order to see how they were designed and contructed. Divine! As a girl whose favorite show as a preteen was CNN's "Style" with Elsa Klench (and who used to read Seventeen and then draw clothing designs based on the latest Isaac Mizrahi collection...I distinctly remember drawing some hideous black and white geometric shirt with black leggings after seeing one of his collections from 89-90! LOLZ), this book is a fun read.

Anyway, here's the shirt, coming along slowly but surely:

I seriously need to get a dress form, for soooo many reasons. It's on my Christmas list. One of the reasons is that I get tired of hanging halfway-completed garments on a plastic hanger in my bay window in the dining room and taking snaps of them. The other is just the more practical reason of "hey, it would be nice to fit this properly to myself."

What kind of dress forms do you guys use? There's some that are made to order to your size, and then there's others that have wee dials so you can change the measurements if need be (very useful for those of us who tend to gain 7 lbs. during winter time, ahem). Thoughts?

Speaking of gaining 7 lbs., the sugar war is back on. I was a good girl yesterday and ate well. I even dug out all of the info that my dietician gave me eons ago when I was seeing him for pre-diabetic issues, read it, and followed the recommendations for portion size and servings. Now I just have to get my butt moving a bit more. Perhaps today it is off to the park with the boys again for squirrel stalking.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

We Can Work It Out

Aahhhh. Back to the good stuff: sewing and thrifting. The pieces for the button-down shirt are cut and pressed. The fabric looks even better cut out than I hoped! I am really excited. Seriously, this fabric was meant to be a shirt. Did I mention that this is my first ever foray into buttonholes? I'm a little nervous, but I have full confidence in my lovely new Singer. It has the standard four-step buttonhole (nothing fancy and computerized; no ESP-Psychic-Robo buttonhole process or anything), but even this is new to me.

This morning I awoke to my least favorite noise as a mother. That would be the sound of a barfing child. Thankfully Karsten's little belly wasn't full of much, which minimized the mess. Now comes the part which demonstrates what kind of mother I am. By noon, he was feeling a bit better, so I piled all the kids into the car and we went to the thrift store. Yes, I am horrible. "Stop puking so Mommy can get some cool old stuff!"

It was slim pickins, but I did find these four:

Two fall into the groovy pile...

Two are just "awww" worthy...

Isn't that wrap dress cool? I have way too many patterns for wrap dresses already, but I couldn't resist. It's the most flattering dress on me, as I have discovered. Plus, 39 cents for all their patterns! Thank you, Goodwill. You don't charge insane prices for those, yet...

No kitschy kitchen ware this week. The Goodwill looked wiped out in that area. My wallet was thanking me for that. Sophie and Karsten each picked out a book, and so our grand total came to $2.25.

One of the fabric ladies called me today, and so I am going over later to get my vintage stash. Woo!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Off the Wagon

Well, that didn't take long. Little Debbie was calling, and so two brownies later (and a sugary cup of tea, as well)... Sigh. Someone please invent a pill that takes away sugar cravings. Or maybe I should undergo hypnotic suggestion and turn sugar into an aversion. Grrr.

I'm not very happy with myself, but I don't exactly want to turn this blog into one big arena of Heather and her itemized self-criticisms, either. It's bad enough to have them in one's head without seeing them in print. God bless writers like David Sedaris who can open himself up and put the nasty out there for everyone to read. I still need some kind of veil between myself and the rest of the world.

So instead of watching another YouTube epi of Canada's Next Top Model, I should bundle the boys into the vehicle and do something. This cycle of lethargy must come to an end!