Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Grumpy McGrumpster

Still doing OK on the sugar fast. My mood is absolutely crap, but that's how it goes. A couple more days and I'll feel so much better. I'm trying to stay focused, anyway. It isn't fun, though. It hasn't stopped me from baking at all. I just don't get to eat the cheesecake/scones/whatever when it's done. My hips will thank me in a month, I suppose.

For all of you who are wondering what I look like (because I'm sure you're losing sleep over it), here's my Myspace pic. Sorry for the total lameness of it. Photographing onesself isn't an easy task, which is why I have no pics of myself in my sewn clothing on here. Maybe I'll have to get Dee to do it for me. Anyway, if you look closely, you can see my sewing machine in the background. I think this pic is from June, which is why the new Singer isn't featured yet.

The boys were really awful today, and so that's another reason for my mood being so blah. I need to do some happy happy fun things today. The question is, what in the world does that entail? Right now I feel like lying on my bed and not moving for about two years...maybe do a little Rip Van Winkle thing and just let time slide away while I'm unawares. Actually I need a serious Colin Firth fix and lots of hot tea, all while under my quilt. After the kids are in bed. And no husband to pester me. Sigh.


soapboxhero said...

I'd be happy to stage a photo session so you can show the world your wares. :)

I have been doing the Special K diet, as you know, and I do think I've lost at least a jeans size. My jeans are baggin on me big time. I actually might need to acquire a belt! Or maybe I'll just start bustin' a sag. For reals, yo.

MadeByAmanda said...

I can't imagine a sugar fast. I am such an addict. Once I went off of coffee for a week, just to prove that I could. I didnt miss the coffee half as much as the sugar I put in it. I was scarfing down candy at 9 a.m.

Heather said...

amanda, you must have the metabolism i dream of. sigh.