Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Not A Sewing Day

Today the boys and I went to the park. We looked at squirrels as I pushed them in the double stroller at a high rate of speed (in order to aerobically support my sugar boycott). Thirty minutes of me: "Look! A squirrel!" and then Karsten's reply while looking in the wrong direction: "Where? I no see it! There's no squirrel! Slow down, Mommy!" Henry just sat and sucked on his bottle or, alternately, the tags on the back of the stroller seat. Sometimes both.

No sewing today, or much of anything remotely productive in nature. I think I did two loads of laundry, which is considered a holiday in these parts. Four loads a day is the norm. Heaven forfend if I should skip a day. The dirty stuff piles up faster than pancakes on a plate at the IHOP. Did the usual cleaning of the kitchen and general lived-in areas, but nothing really taxing. I did keep the caffeine IV flowing today with a cup of coffee, a couple of diet Cokes, and way too many cups of hot tea. I allowed myself half a teaspoon of sugar in the tea, which is probably why I had about four cups today. I'm sure there's absolutely no connection there.

I did look at the fabric for my shirt a couple of times; well, glanced at it in passing, really. Kind of longingly, but mostly just in resignation. Today just wasn't a sewing day. The pattern is pinned to it and it's ready to be cut. Meh. Shrug of shoulders. Tomorrow will be better suited for it, perhaps.

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