Monday, October 1, 2007

Wants and Needs

The diet is going pretty well. Somehow I was able to resist my MIL's pie on Sunday, which kind of ticked her off. She's like me: she shows love by feeding the masses. Reject her food, you're rejecting her. Luckily she was pretty understanding that time. I made the appropriate comments: "Ooh, pretty! Smells great!" and that satisfied her somewhat. The rest of the pie is lying in wait in my fridge for me to be in the throes of PMS or some kind of weak and altered emotional state. It knows that I will come for it eventually. Please let the husband eat it when he comes home.

My cart on has been changing like the tides. I can't seem to commit and just press the button to actually *purchase* all the stuff in there. Not that there's a lot. Right now there's three items: 2 cds and a comprehensive book on patternmaking. Yesterday there were five things. Not a big deal, you say.


I have a hard time buying stuff online that I don't actually need. When I am out at a shop, I have no problem rationalizing ridiculous purchases with the best of them. Yes, I really would love some groovy new tunes. Yes, I would really like to learn everything about patternmaking so that I can be tailoring myself in awesome style. I just can't commit yet, amazon. I'm sorry.

Smock is done and done, button and all. I chose the big black button, for all two of you people out there who read this. I'll post pics later. Now I need to start something new, and for the first time in a long time, I don't know what that something is. Hmmmmm. If I went by "want," I'd be looking at that cute dress pattern for a wool mini jumper. If I were to go by "need" it would be kids' PJs. Decisions.


soapboxhero said...

You need to invade my hard-drive (that's what she said) to find some new tunes. I have about 70GB of music stored.

Gray wool jumper! Black turtleneck! Black tights! Black platforms! Go for the sexy grad student look!

MadeByAmanda said...

That's funny, I have absolutely no problem rationalizing non-need (and often over-priced)purchases online. I have a lot harder time dropping the cash in real life.