Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bread and Soup Day

Twice this week I have made huge batches of potato soup and homemade bread because, quite simply, the weather calls for it. And when the weather calls for it, my stomach follows suit. I'm eating some as I type. Gosh, so tasty. The recipe is here, but I tweaked it a bit by adding some carrot and lots of celery.

The smock will be finished up today, just in time for a night on the town. I haven't decided which button to feature on the front yet. The aunt in law passed her buttons along to me. Here's the contenders:

The big black one on the far left is looking most promising right now.


MadeByAmanda said...

Ooh, I love potato soup. It's my favorite cold-day recipe.

As for buttons, I vote the big green one! I love green, though.

soapboxhero said...

I vote for the big black button, too.

I may need to employ your skills to help me create a Halloween ensemble. Any ideas?