Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Poor Howdy, turning to 1920s fruit liquors to ease the pain. The Howdy Doody toy is the only one of a set that belonged to my Dad when he was a kid. There's a little lever in the back to make his mouth move up and down so that he can say things like, "Boy, I could really go for a drink right about now." The liquor bottle was my mother in law's. She got it as a gift from a neighbor years ago. The label is pretty neat, don't you think? Both of these things are only about 4 inches tall.

While we're on the subject of easing the pain...

I made a deep-dish apple pie today, to Sophie's apparant delight. She doesn't like apple pie, but she appreciates the smell of spicy baked apples as much as the next person. We had this after dinner along with vanilla ice cream. I think I can manage whatever life throws my way as long as I have homemade apple pie.

These are a work-in-progress for my sister in law, Cheri: the placemats I mentioned a few posts back. They don't look all that impressive ('cause they aren't). The skeletons and rick-rack are the front, and the BOOOOOO is the back. Everything should be done and shipped tomorrow. The mustard yellow print on the bottom there is for a special person who also has an October birthday, but I can't tell you this person's name, or I will spoil the surprise.

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