Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fall Is in the Air

And this means that my allergies are in assault mode. I spent much of the day feeling like crap and trying to get the boys to sleep so that maybe the veins in my temples would stop pulsating for two seconds. Yeah, no dice.

Fall is actually my favorite season. It's my favorite for baking yummy pies and drinking mugs of tea. The air smells crisp and fresh and spicy. There's a latent energy outside, even though the growing things are winding down and preparing for a long winter. Fall invigorates me.

Today, however, I felt anything but. In my stubbornness, I insisted on working on the apron and regretted it. The bit that I worked on today required edging everything in 1/4" double fold bias tape. Being a big fan of bias tape in general, I was eager to jump in and bias my little heart out.

The truth is, 1/4" double fold bias tape SUCKS. It is impossible to pin because it's so small, and so the edges of the fabric slip right out. I sewed quite slowly, shoving the fabric in the fold of the tape as I went, and still I had gaps where I had missed the fabric. Ugh. Total nightmare. When I next do this pattern, I am sticking with my trusty 1/2" bias, naysayers be damned!Wow. I really need to press those pockets again.

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