Monday, September 17, 2007

It's (Not) So Easy!

I have come to learn that patterns marked "Easy" rarely are. Some pattern designer has a really twisted idea of "easy." My idea of "easy" includes none of the following: zippers, darts, and pleats.

Take the apron pattern I mentioned earlier; I started it this evening and it was pretty slow going. Want to know why? It might have had something to so with the 12 flipping darts the pattern called for. Actually, it was six double darts or diamond darts or whatever they are called. Essentially 12 darts. I actually didn't mind sewing them so much, but I intensely disliked pressing the little buggers.

The apron is coming along quite nicely now, though. Tomorrow it gets the life bias-taped out of it! Happy happy joy joy.

1 comment:

MadeByAmanda said...

Some of those "easy" patterns kick my tail end, too. I think sometimes its a label to sucker in the beginning seamstresses...