Friday, September 14, 2007


Wow. If you're actually reading this, I am amazed. There's a million blogs out there, and you happened to find mine. Hopefully you stick around long enough to see some of my cool stuff.

Today I took the boys (Karsten, 3 and Henry, 9 mos) out for my (what is becoming a weekly) jaunt to the thrift shop. About a month ago we got a new Goodwill shop in Boardman, which thrilled me, since I normally had to drive twice as far (half an hour) to the one in PA. Anyway, I hit paydirt today! I wanted to just squee and do a little happy dance in the aisle when I saw some of these things.

First, the dishes:
Cake plates. Dinner plates. Cups and saucers. I was in heaven when I spotted this powder blue enamel over white with the is so adorable! But then...Not one, but TWO awesome matching casserole dishes! Are these things not the grooviest? Bringing them home inspired me to go through my cupboards to make room for them. Goodbye, Wal Mart generic plates that I bought for 79 cents each when I got married nine years ago! Hope the hub likes flowers, as he will be seeing them every evening from now on.

I also got these: There were two genres of books that we as elementary students fought over during library. One was the joke books. Any joke book. Two was the Peanuts books. They were almost never on the shelves, and when they were, it was like discovering the lost City of Gold. I may even let my older kids read them, but they have to promise to give them back when they're done. Hee.

Today's award for Most Awesome Kitschy Thing Liberated From the Thrift Shop goes to:
...this incredible metal cake carrier! It looks 40s-early 50s to me. Since I bake A LOT and also frequently find myself ferrying cakes to and fro, it's actually going to get tons of use.

Sigh. Today was a good thrifting day. I am content.

Henry is upstairs howling his poor little head off in a fit of naptime rebellion, and Karsten seems determined to follow suit. I really need to get started on some paying sewing projects today. I am SEW excited (hurrrr...bad pun), but right now I feel a migraine threatening from all the crying. I think I may have to blast some Supergrass and chase the baby blues away.

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soapboxhero said...

Yes, I'm actually reading this, kitschy woman. Can't wait to read more!